Monday, April 26, 2010

exams suck

exams suck so much i'm on this blog again.... none of us have been on here for several months. exams suck that much.



Monday, June 22, 2009

5 Gifts from God to Runners

So I've being out running this past while I've been thinking, man sometime this really sucks, but I just have to thank someone for these wonderful gifts on a run:

1. Sprinklers - Right, so it's a hot day and you've been pounding for an hour all sweaty tired and thirsty. Then you spot it, in the distance that beautiful stream of water, so refreshing and cool. You run straight through it like a little kid, who cares if you're on the neighbours lawn, totally worth it.

2. Downhills - They say that whatever comes up must come down... all runners know thats a load of crap . So you know when you find one of these beaut's you take your time goin down, just relax and let gravity do its job.

3. Shade - Whether during or just finishing a run its always nice to be in the shade. I mean why burn, and die from heat exhaustion when there's a beautiful tree with shade right over there. Unless you wanted to get a wicked farmers tan...

4. Grass - Now think about all those injuries you've gotten over the past while... now think how many you wouldn't have had if didn't have to pound runs on concrete roads and sidewalks. Runners are always trying to find grass, and new soft paths to run. A great way to save the legs and way more fun.

5. Porta-Potty - Like any distance runner would know, the worst is the 8th K into a 10K run. Not because you're tired, but for more natural reasons. So when you're lucky enough to find one of these puppies on a run it truly is a God send, and if not you can always use a bush...

Got this list idea from that runnerville link a little ways down on the blog...


Monday, June 1, 2009

bouncy bouncy titties

check out NUTS magazine's topless wii....... fucking brilliant...

..... you have to figure out what game they're playin based on their.... bounciness............

Friday, May 8, 2009

gettin drunk tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-- takashi

Close but no cigar?

Just for starters, I'd like to point out that I am extreme frustrated and I'd like to say borderline pissed but in fact I'm well beyond that at the moment. So prepare yourself for one big ass m*ther f*ckin' rant and a half to follow.

Close but no cigar. A.k.a. you just got slapped in the face by fate, luck, god whatever you want to call it.

For as long as I can remember, I have been a procrastinator, but what I also know is that I've been a procrastinator who busts his balls to get things done and to get them done they way I want. Basically I'm going to go back to my last year of high school here.

So as Hapa stated, all of us our runners, some more successful than others.

Basically back in the day I was entering grade 12 after having, what for me was a very successful grade 11 year. I was my city's regional XC aggregate and 1500m champion, and managed to place 10th at the state championships in the 1500m.

Sure enough after essentially taking all of August off I came back a fair bit out of shape and was determined to have a very successful grade 12 year. I was entering as not only the front runner for my schools cross country and track & field team, but also the school's student's council co-president.

One of the first things I did after coming back after vacation was write down my goals on sticky notes and place them around my monitor, to keep me from procrastinating and slacking off in hopes of achieving some if not all of these goals. These goals included times and places for my running, as well as grades, and academic scholarships.

Well after about 2 weeks into the school year I was having a great time, my fitness was rounding back into shape and I really believed everything was going well. I was confident I was going to have a big break through in my running and was pushing my body to new limits in mileage.

Then one day on a hill workout with Takashi, I felt a sharp pain in my right foot, that caused me to basically walk jog back to my car. Despite this I continued to train for a few days and even raced once before I saw a doctor about the problem. Sure enough after few weeks and a bone scan later I found myself flapping in the nearby pool attempting to keep some type of fitness up with the slim hope of running my regionals and then the state championships. I was able to do so and all in all it wasn't that bad of a season, although I had to race walk a race, finished 10 spots back of my previous years position at regionals and was our school's 3rd runner, I still managed to place near where I did the year before at the state championship meet.

Still nonetheless I was disappointed and indeed in some pain. I even forced myself to run a very disappointing national meet where I found myself finish in the lowest 10%.

During all of this I found myself busy working with the student's council, boosting my grades, and applying to scholarships. I applied to a lot of scholarships, some large, some small, and with a grade 12 average of 95.0%, previous averages in the low 90s, lots of work experience through a co-op program, and tons of volunteering, I was very hopeful and confident I could at least win a few.

Well I didn't, I won none, outside the one's I was automatically eligible within my school, and through my father's organizations.

Not too mention I had the opportunity to apply for a MAJOR Entrance Scholarship with the school I had chosen to attend for university only to find out that my high school had chosen to sponsor someone else and not inform me of the award because they thought I was dead set on going to another school despite constantly telling them it was between the two. Of course I was informed of this the day (in fact when I was sitting at the desk) I was writing an exam worth 40% of my final grade and in my weakest subject (English). Oh and just to note this scholarship was worth enough to pay for nearly my entire undergraduate degree, so it was pretty disheartening and yes I am STILL very bitter about it.

In fact that exam almost nearly lost me another $7,500 because I got one mark less on it than I needed to maintain my 95.0% average which put me at a higher scholarship level.

Anyway got a bit of redemption at my graduating ceremony for that mishap and graduate with great credentials but not nearly enough money to pay for my education, beyond my first 2.5 years.

Skip ahead to now, still struggling with injuries I have managed to have good cross country seasons at my university but have yet been able to come through in track. Yet my passion for the sport is strong as ever and in fact led me to applying for a job with my local track authority. Last year had I not been consumed with exams I wouldn't have missed the deadline for it and consequently I basically worked the most miserable job I have ever had, but gave me the work experience that I needed to become essentially the perfect candidate for this job. My resume fit the job description to the point and I couldn't and still can't dream of a job I would want more.

I submitted my application last Monday and was informed within 30mins after submitting it that they would have a date for interviews set up soon and the short list of candidates would be contacted before the end of last week. Well the end of the week came and no contact. After talking to a few veterans of the area they told me to keep hope that the office is often slow and I might still hear.

Well sure enough come 7:50am Monday morning I get an email asking for my preferences for interview times and come Wednesday 8:40am I'm sitting in my car outside the office waiting or an interview.

The interview went well. It started off very nicely with discussion about my step dad (whom the interviewers knew quite well) and myself just in general. After a few questions I was feeling very confident and one of the interviewers was giving off the vibe that I essentially had the job. Towards the end however I began to stumble slightly and lost a bit of confidence in myself as they discussed responsibilities not included in the job description and of which I had little if any experience in.

However despite the slightly fumbling of words as I left the office and expressed my gratuities I was very confident that it went very well. I also had been informed that decision would be made by Thursday afternoon from amongst the 5 individuals being interviewed.

Well once again after essentially sitting beside the phone all day it was 5:30pm and no news, but again I held hope that perhaps they were unable to reach a decision and come Friday I may hear from them. So once again I alertly perched myself beside the telephone waiting for a phone call to grant me my dream job. nearing 9:30am I decided perhaps it was best to send a follow up email thanking them for their time. After not hearing back I had more hope that a decision still was yet to be made. Well finally 3:00pm came around and DING! I was alerted to an email.

Thank you very much for your interest in the summer student position with ____, it was a pleasure to meet and talk with you.

Unfortunately we are not able to offer you the position...

Thank you again.

The final, crushing, and decisive blow had been dealt. Once again led on, once again believed, once again confident and once again let down by my own hopes and dreams. I could go on but I feel this is probably my longest and most boring post yet, so I'll end it here reiterating my opening statement.

Close but not cigar, is like getting slapped in the face. Everything feels good and your happy one minute, then the next you feel like you got hit by a train as devastation hits, your angry both at yourself and the person who did it, it stings, and you got a red mark on your face because you've told people about how close you were to getting it and it hurts every part of your body to tell them what just happened.

-- Zeus

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Boredom's a Curse

K so bored as I am I thought I would finally post about just a few things.
  1. I think it's safe to say all of us at the moment are unemployed at home doing absolutely nothing with our lives. K maybe that's just me but I like to think that there are others that I know who are doing the same thing.
  2. Say X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I give it it 2 thumbs up as a solid flick to go see, be prepared though it leaves you wanting more at the end. Oh and to add to Hapa's list, how about Crank: High Voltage?
  3. Takashi: Where da male stripping at man? I hear it's good dough and hey you get to check out some of those older ladays who knows maybe you'll find yourself a sugar mama!
possibilities for a summer work:

- source adult video
- dishwashing @ earls
- starbucks
- start a bubble tea shoppe
- become a country musician
- sell my body
- bussing tables @cafe crepe
- panhandling
- door to door marketing... of my body
- male modelling
- sex educator
- starbucks
- pump gas
- sell E down @ 3road and alderbridge
- boot for high school kids @ bill em
- rape crisis counselling
- freeload of my folks.... g'yeah